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Trimming and Pruning

Why is trimming and pruning important?

  • Young tree’s need trimming or pruning to develop a strong structure
  • Pruning ensures trees live long healthy life
  • Remove deadwood before it spreads to the trunk
  • Safety - remove hazardous branches
  • Clearance from homes
  • Decrease risk of storm damage
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Tree & Stump removal

Pelton Tree safely removes trees and stumps, big or small, from your yard. Our tree removals are followed by a thorough cleaning of the work area and we properly dispose of all debris.

Arborist Consulting

A Certified Arborist will be happy to assist you by making a professional recommendation and/or inspection of your tree(s) for disease, insect infestation or hazardous defects.

Copyright Pelton Tree & Landscape LLC

Certified Arborist PN-6460-A

Contractor Lic#CC PELTOTL847JM